How to get a proper neck massage?

Back pain is a common health problem. Many people have experienced them repeatedly throughout their lives. All it takes is a bad mattress, sitting at a computer all day and slouching and shoulder and neck pain will appear quickly. The cervical spine is one of the most stressed parts of the body. Headaches, body aches and fatigue are also related to neck pain. We will advise you on how to treat neck pain.

What causes it? Stress from work and a fast-paced lifestyle has a particular effect on our psyche, which then manifests itself as physical back and cervical spine pain if it is disturbed

Prolonged sitting at the computer, sleeping in the wrong position or watching the mobile phone for long periods of time can also cause problems with a stiff neck.

How to prevent neck pain?

Daily stretching, breathing and relaxing of the muscles, but also yoga, walking in the air, or arm and shoulder circles are ideal preventive measures. Self-massage or acupressure is also suitable. Massage has always been a popular means of regeneration and relaxation in ancient civilisations. It is suitable for relief after sports, work and stress. Another simple solution is massage with the help of health aids. We will show you how to do it and which massage devices are effective.

Before a massage of the cervical spine, it is important to have blood circulation and warm muscles


If you want your cervical spine massage to be effective and successful, it is important to have the muscles sufficiently relaxed, blooded and warmed up. For this we can use, for example, lava stones, a sauna, but even a heated towel will do. Choose a position in which you feel comfortable. The massage can be done sitting, lying on your side, on your stomach or on your back. The important thing is to relax the body and mind. You can add an aromatherapy bottle with your favourite fragrance oils

The area of the muscles to be massaged must be warmed up to make the massage as effective as possible. A cold muscle is a stiff muscle. You may choose your favourite cream or oil to massage. We recommend lavender oil, chamomile, litsea cubeba to help calm the body and mind. It is advisable to accompany the massage with aromatherapy, which has beneficial effects. Warm the chosen scented cream or oil in the palms of the hands and then rub the painful neck with gentle circular movements

Then, with stronger finger movements, start massaging the neck from the occipital bone in the hairline where the muscles attach, down to the shoulders and then down the spine. It is also advisable to study the acupressure points, which can significantly relieve pain. For the shoulders, we need not be afraid to put pressure on the muscles, but massage all the time towards the muscle fibres. We finish the massage as we started it, by gently rubbing and stroking the muscles. You can also ask your partner for a massage . If your hands are already tired, you can also use the MISURA massage gun. We offer several types of guns and heads for different types of muscles.

How does deep tissue massage work?

When a classic massage is no longer enough, deep tissue massage can be used. This consists of a more intensive massage that works more deeply with the muscles and soft tissues. The magic of this massage lies primarily in finding the trigger points or “trigger points” that cause pain in the muscles.

This is usually also accompanied by other pain in different parts of the body. This is called referred pain. The psyche that creates these points is also often referred to as the culprit and trigger. By alternating stronger and weaker pressures on the activation area around the trigger point and massaging the area, harmful substances are washed away and blockages are released.

With this massage we will achieve relief, eliminate pain and contribute to overall body shaping. It can also help with mobility limitations. This is a more complex massage technique that is demanding for the masseur and the person being massaged.

Alternatively, massage devices can also provide a deep massage. The MISURA massage guns in particular reach up to 12 mm deep into the muscle tissue with their concentrated pressure pulses, which will promote improved circulation and increased range of motion

As deep massage can be performed on different parts of the body, the MISURA massage gun is designed for this purpose. Each massage gun contains either six or four heads that are designed to massage different parts of the body. With five speed settings, you can choose the intensity you need. So you can indulge in a deep massage of the back, neck, thighs, hips, calves and even arms.

The MISURA massage gun massages the neck perfectly

Massage devices are another option. It is important to use a quality massager that is quiet, powerful enough and does not stick in your hand. When using the MISURA massage gun, we strongly advise you to use the fork head, which is designed especially for massaging the neck.


Fork head

Back and neck pain plague many people because today’s lifestyle and sedentary work at the computer put a lot of strain on the neck, shoulders and entire back. This is why back and neck massages are among the most popular and sought after. Various massage aids and devices can also help. Among the new products that will help you from pain are the massage guns developed by MISURA

TheMISURA massage gun uses high-frequency vibration stimulation to reach deep into the tissues and muscles, thus relaxing them. The forked head is therefore suitable for back and neck massage, with which you can get rid of the feeling of tension and pain in the back areas.

This fork head is also ergonomically shaped to massage the spine, neck and Achilles tendon. Caution must be exercised especially in the kidney and cervical spine areas.

MB3 massage gun

MB3 massage gun

Massage gun MB3, 14.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm, Operating time 3-4 hours, Li-ion battery 2000mAh, Package includes Massage device, 4x massage head, Instructions

Massage gun MB4

Massage gun MB4

Massage gun MB4, 14.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm, Operating time 3-4 hours, Li-ion battery 2000mAh, Package includes Massage device, 4x massage head, Instructions

100.0 €

Have you heard of the MISURA massage gun?

In addition to the massage and the massage device, we would recommend you to do exercises to get the right posture .It is also advisable to learn how to work with psychological stress, to not take things so seriously and to incorporate the word NO in your time management. Excessive long-term overload at work causes health problems.

Why is muscle massage important?

Muscle massage is a part of life for athletes and people who are not so involved in sports. Before any massage it is important to relax and be sufficiently warmed up. During the massage, the muscles are relaxed, the pain is removed, and the blood circulation is also stimulated.

Thanks to regular massage, fatiguing substances, which we consider to be lactic acid, carbon dioxide or creatinine, are then removed. The tendons and muscles are then better blooded and do not develop painful stiffness, which causes pain precisely because of the lack of blood circulation. The muscles are then not as efficient, and massage is the solution that will cope with both flaccid and stiff muscles.

No part of the body should be forgotten and therefore every muscle in the body should be given a massage . The MISURA massage gun contains up to six heads that can be used on a given part of the body. In the package we find a forked, spiral, flat, crescent and air cushion head. All heads are ergonomically shaped for the body part in question.

TheMISURA massage gun includes four or six heads. If you want to indulge in a muscle massage, it is best to use the spherical head.

  • The MISURA MB1Pro produces concentrated pressure pulses deep into the muscle tissue
  • Eliminates muscle knots, relaxes muscles, improves circulation and increases range of motion
  • Significantly reduces recovery time after exercise while reducing muscle tension and pain
  • MISURA MB1Pro can accelerate muscle growth, increase muscle flexibility and reduce lactic acid in the body
  • Choice of 5 adjustable speed levels and 2 intensity modes
  • MISURA MB1Pro with 6 massage heads
  • High quality 2500 mAh battery
  • MISURA MB1Pro for recreational and professional athletes
MB1Pro massage gun

MB1Pro massage gun

Massage gun MB1Pro, 25 x 7.5 x 22 cm, Operating time 8 hours, Battery Li-ion 2500mA, Package includes Massage device, 6x massage head, Power adapter,…

167.0 €

Why use the massage gun after exercise?

Every exercise requires subsequent recovery. Rest, rest and muscle massage are recommended. Thanks to the massage, the muscles are stimulated and tension in them is released. In addition, it allows you to enjoy a pleasant relaxation after a busy day.

That is why there are massage devices that help you with regeneration. With the MISURA massager, you will find a spherical head that, when used, reaches muscle groups up to 12 mm deep

This quickly dissolves the lactic acid that builds up through physical exertion and thus relieves tension or cramps in the muscles. It is therefore suitable for bulk muscle groups such as thighs, calves, waist, hips and arms.

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