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Portable monitors have become an essential part of the equipment of modern people who use a laptop for their work and need to expand their existing desktop with an additional screen. In the past, the choice on the market was limited to unsightly plastic add-on monitors, which were often backed by rubber or plastic packaging. MISURA has brought an interesting option to the market in the form of the now very popular portable dual monitors, which can be conveniently mounted on the lid of a laptop and extend the work area by two additional screens.

Based on input from many of you, we are now coming to market with a new single portable monitor that not only provides another quality screen for work or entertainment, but also becomes a great design addition to your mobile office. That’s why MISURA has developed a new 16″ monitor model called MISURA STYLE, which is made of lightweight and high quality aircraft aluminum. Thanks to its thoughtful design and precise execution , it will fit into any working environment and become your stylish work assistant.

MISURA STYLE monitor with case

Lightweight and ultra-thin portable monitor

The STYLE monitor is made of the most durable and lightweight aerospace aluminium. With a weight of 0.95 kg, dimensions of 24.8 x 36.1 centimeters and a thickness of only 6 millimeters, it is one of the most compact portable monitors on the market. It can easily be packed into a backpack or handbag and will become your indispensable companion on business and leisure trips. Intuitive gesture control and easy use of creative apps are made possible by the touchscreen. This is appreciated not only by users who often work with graphics, but also by technology enthusiasts who prefer touch screen control. The STYLE portable monitor is widely usable for everyone.

Compatibility and easy connectivity

The STYLE monitor is compatible with Windows, Linux and Apple iOS operating systems, and its all-aluminum design makes it a perfect match for metal laptops such as the Macbook. In addition, it is the only Macbook user in its category to also offer touch screen functionality. It connects to your computer or laptop with a single USB-C cable that provides both image transfer and power. No more tedious setup and searching for compatible cables.

A magnetic aluminum stand is included, allowing you to easily adjust the monitor to your desired angle. Whether you’re working sitting, lying down or standing, you’ll always have your monitor in the ergonomically ideal position in seconds. Plus, the magnet is strong enough to hold the monitor in the desired position even when you’re carrying it. In addition, the stand is easy to fold and takes up no excess space in your bag.

MISURA style monitor stand
16″ Portable LCD  Touch Monitor STYLE

16″ Portable LCD Touch Monitor STYLE

Portable LCD monitor – 16″, Full HD, LD, IPS, 300cd/m2, 1200:1, USB-C, HDMI, G+G, HDR, 2x1W

355.5 €

FULL HD resolution and G G technology

The STYLE portable monitor not only stands out for its light weight and timeless design, it also outperforms its competitors in other aspects. It features a FULL HD 1920×1080 resolution, which, along with HDR technology for truer color reproduction, makes it a great choice for executives or sales reps. The innovative G G technology, also known as “glass to glass”, ensures precise touch response and flawless picture quality. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, the STYLE monitor not only offers visual delight, but also intuitive and smooth touch control, providing users with an unparalleled user experience.

Enhanced productivity and entertainment on the go

Extending your desktop allows you to work with multiple applications simultaneously and increases your productivity. The touchscreen makes it easy to move around the desktop, allowing you to work quickly and accurately. The STYLE monitor is a great travel companion. You can enjoy movies, TV shows and games on it, making those long moments on the go more enjoyable.

The MISURA STYLE portable touchscreen monitor is ideal for anyone looking for an elegant and practical way to expand their workspace. The stylish design also makes a great addition to your desk, while its light weight and excellent storage ensure comfort during transport.

MISURA style monitor compatibility
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