How to overcome the eternal pain in the cervical spine? The solution is massage.

Almost everyone will experience cervical spine pain in the course of their life. This can be caused by prolonged sedentary work or study, but also by rapid, rapid movement or an inappropriate sleeping position, especially when working at a computer. Even draughts or major changes in air temperature can cause reflexive tightness and stiffness in the muscles and neck. The vertebrae (one or more) become blocked, limiting the mobility of the cervical spine, and the neck muscles then contract and fix the blockage of the cervical vertebrae. A stiff posture and inability to turn the head is typical. Headaches, body aches and fatigue may also be associated with back pain

When lifestyle changes are not possible


Cervical spine pain is one of the most common health complications and is caused by today’s hectic lifestyles, stress and sedentary office jobs in front of the computer. Pain is often harder to treat because the pain shoots out in different places and shifts.

Many hours of sitting in front of screens all day, looking at a mobile phone or tablet tires the body and neck, and more often than not, these activities cause the shoulder muscles around the neck to bend forward unnaturally or contract.

The recommendation to sit less in front of the computer is usually difficult to meet if it is our main source of livelihood and we have to do the work for an employer or client. Even if we can adjust our workstation ergonomically, back pain can occur with a heavier workload.

There are other solutions. That’s why MISURA has perfected massage guns to relieve your neck and your whole body.

Proper breathing, exercise and massage guns

There are different ways to deal with spinal pain. It is certainly very important to rest and stretch occasionally at work, and yoga exercises can help to stretch and breathe through the area of the body, muscles, and relax the stiff neck and shoulders. Another very important factor for pain relief is sufficient breathing. Many people forget to breathe, this tightens the abdominal muscles and the muscles around the spine. Therefore, it certainly helps to remember to breathe occasionally. Taking a moment for a massage will also bring instant relief. If you don’t have the strength to massage your neck muscles yourself, a specialist physiotherapist or massage therapist can help. Even experienced professionals are nowadays increasingly using massage guns in their work.


Massage relaxes the body and muscles

Massage gun MB4

Massage gun MB4

Massage gun MB4, 14.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm, Operating time 3-4 hours, Li-ion battery 2000mAh, Package includes Massage device, 4x massage head, Instructions

At MISURA we have developed special massage guns that make massaging and relaxing tight muscles in the neck and other parts of the body easier, simpler and more enjoyable wherever you are.

We produce several types of massage guns in different colours and different types of attachments to massage all parts of the body on the surface and in depth.

How does a proper massage work?

People nowadays often complain of back and neck pain. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. Whether it’s stress, fatigue, lack of physical activity or a sedentary job, the cause can also be a health problem. Incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle, quality sleep on the right mattress, as well as a proper massage can solve the pain problem.

This is exactly what the MISURA Body massage guns are designed for . One of our flagship models is the MB1 Pro massage gun

It is a handheld massage device that applies concentrated pressure pulses deep into muscle tissue.
These pressure pulses eliminate muscle knots, helping to relax muscles, improve circulation
and rapidly increase range of motion

Proper use of the massage gun can quickly reduce recovery time after exercise while reducing muscle tension and potential pain.

MB1Pro massage gun

MB1Pro massage gun

Massage gun MB1Pro, 25 x 7.5 x 22 cm, Operating time 8 hours, Battery Li-ion 2500mA, Package includes Massage device, 6x massage head, Power adapter,…

167.0 €

How to do a proper back massage?

Sports massage is based on classical massage, but it also has its own peculiarities. In this massage, attention is paid preferentially to the muscles that are used in sports performance. The massage helps to increase muscle activity and warm up the body. It also helps with muscle recovery, blood circulation, lymphatic system and removes stiffness and pain. It is popular with both amateur and elite athletes who want to perform at a high level

It prepares the athlete for sports performance both physically and mentally. Sports massage is recommended before and after performance. Because some athletes are preoccupied with exercising, they often underestimate recovery, and rush to the next workout. This leads to the body being fatigued and muscle soreness sets in. How about giving the MISURA massage guns a try?

These are suitable for massaging before and after exercise. They will help with warming up, and you will save yourself time stretching. Plus, you can also use them after your workout, when they will help you speed up your recovery, so you can then get fit again without waiting. Plus, the massage guns have up to six spare heads that can be used on different parts of the body. So you can massage your stressed muscles as well as your feet or hands.

Massage before exercise

A proper massage is all about relaxing the body, improving circulation and reducing fatigue, as well as regenerating the body. As an alternative to physical massage using the hands, massagers can produce comparable effects

The problem of cervical spine and shoulder pain can be eliminated or partially eliminated with the MISURA massage gun. Its high-frequency vibrations reach deep into the muscle tissue and thus relax the stiff muscles. This massage also solves the pain of a stiff neck after a sleepless night.

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