Muscle massager – how to choose it correctly?


There are many massagers on the market to help people with their muscle pain. Sometimes choosing the right massager can be a hassle for many people. Thoughts like, “So, is this machine really going to help me?” or “What if I put money into it and it has no effect?” Are you one of those people who are always groping? Then read on..

Everyone has experiencedmuscle pain and especially athletes are very familiar with this health problem. And so we look for various hints and tips on how to relieve the pain and also why the pain occurs. It is quite common for athletes to overwork their muscles, warm them up badly or underestimate recovery. A fluid called lactic acid is behind this problem.

What to look out for when choosing a massage device?

When choosing a massager, the most important thing is to set your goals and answer a few questions. Firstly, you need to understand what parts of your body you want to use the device on. Another aspect is to know what effect you expect the new device to have. Do you want to relieve pain, release tension or speed up recovery? Only then can you be satisfied with the functions of the device, because you have set your goals clearly

Not every massager is designed to massage every part of the body. For example, we are talking about massage chairs or massagers that are shaped in such a way that you can only use them on certain areas such as the legs or back. Similarly, car or bath massage pads, or electrical stimulators. In recent years, we have been learning more about massage guns, which are popular with athletes, everyday people, and massage therapists.

The advantage of MISURA massagers is that they have the right head for every part and type of massage. For muscle, neck, neck or foot massage, the MB3 or MB4 models with four heads are sufficient. For more extensive massages, we recommend the MB1Pro model.

It is also important to answer the question of how often we will use the device. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with a number of low-quality, low-performance massage guns. MISURA guns provide sufficient power for use in the home and by professionals. Massage therapists and fitness trainers especially appreciate the MB1Pro, due to its high performance.

How is lactic acid related to physical activity?

Lactic acid is the bogeyman of perhaps every athlete. It is often confused with the word lactate, which is already a product that is created during physical exertion in response to it. Overestimating one’s strength in the gym or taking away stretching can cause strained muscles and pain in them due to lactate, which usually comes a day or two after physical exertion and can last for several days. We are talking about the so-called muscle fever.

This is due to the fact that a good dose of energy and performance is needed during physical exertion. And glucose is the key energy source here. Lactic acid is produced by the breakdown of glucose in the muscles, which is normal in normal activity. It is formed in small quantities and travels to the liver, where it becomes glucose again. However, if an athlete overdoes training, a higher concentration of lactic acid begins to form in the muscles and does not make it from the muscles to the liver. Therefore, crystals begin to form and lactate is produced, which then triggers pain in the muscles. It also causes cramps in athletes, as well as fatigue. This is due to the fact that during such exertion glucose is burned directly in the muscles.

We can reduce the formation of lactic acid by using nutritional supplements such as creatine or L-carnitine. It can also be prevented, for example, by moderate exercise, but also by massage, which promotes blood circulation and provides sufficient blood supply to the muscles. Thanks to the MISURA massage gun, we can speed up regeneration and prevent muscle pain. The massage gun not only helps to remove lactic acid in the body, but also speeds up regeneration.

Massage gun as the most suitable massage device?

It is the massage gun due to its shape that seems to be the most suitable massage device. These usually offer multiple attachments for massage. Common sense may logically tell us that it is best to choose the one whose package contains more attachments. Since each attachment is designed for a different part of the body, it is important to keep in mind that massage is not about quantity but quality. The device must work in such a way as to help the person concerned with his pain. Therefore, it is also necessary to look at how deeply the massage gun can reach the muscles when choosing one.

Massage gun MB4

Massage gun MB4

Massage gun MB4, 14.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm, Operating time 3-4 hours, Li-ion battery 2000mAh, Package includes Massage device, 4x massage head, Instructions

Noise level is another parameter that you should address in order to enjoy the massage. There is no more annoying thing than listening to the unpleasant loud vibration or buzzing of the device. Take into account that you also want to take away a pleasant and peaceful moment from the massage. Therefore, when choosing a massage gun, also choose based on how noisy they are.

Why is muscle massage important?

Muscle massage is a part of life for athletes and people who are not so involved in sports. Before any massage , it is important to relax and be sufficiently warmed up. During the massage , the muscles are relaxed, the pain is removed, and the blood circulation is also stimulated.

Thanks to regular massage, fatiguing substances, which we consider to be lactic acid, carbon dioxide or creatinine, are then removed. The tendons and muscles are then better blooded and do not develop painful stiffness, which causes pain due to the lack of blood circulation. The muscles are then not as efficient, and massage is the solution that will cope with both flaccid and stiff muscles.

No part of the body should be forgotten and therefore every muscle in the body should be given a massage. The MISURA massage gun contains up to six heads that can be used on a given part of the body. In the package we find a spherical, forked, spiral, flat, crescent and air cushion head. All heads are ergonomically shaped for the body part in question.

Have you heard of the MISURA massage gun?

Specifically, MISURA offers three types of massage guns – MB1Pro, MB3 and MB4. The first type includes a pack of six heads that can be used on different parts of the body. For the smaller MB3 and MB4 types, four heads are included. It’s simple. Just swap the attachments and you can give a massage to your shins, for example

MB1Pro massage gun

MB1Pro massage gun

Massage gun MB1Pro, 25 x 7.5 x 22 cm, Operating time 8 hours, Battery Li-ion 2500mA, Package includes Massage device, 6x massage head, Power adapter,…

167.0 €

MB3 massage gun

MB3 massage gun

Massage gun MB3, 14.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm, Operating time 3-4 hours, Li-ion battery 2000mAh, Package includes Massage device, 4x massage head, Instructions

In terms of volume, the MISURA pistols emit only 35 decibels, which is very far ahead of other pistols. They are therefore very quiet, so they won’t disturb you while you relax. Moreover, they reach muscle tissues up to 12 mm deep, which massages the body part very well.

As mentioned above, the MISURA massage gun contains four or six heads. If you want to indulge in a muscle massage, the most ideal is to use the ball head.

Why use the massage gun after exercise?

Every exercise requires subsequent recovery. Rest, rest and muscle massage are recommended. The massage stimulates the muscles and relieves tension in them. In addition, it allows you to enjoy a pleasant relaxation after a busy day . That is why there are massage devices that help you with regeneration. With the MISURA massager, we find a spherical head that, when used, reaches muscle groups up to 12 mm deep. This quickly dissolves the lactic acid that is formed by physical exertion and thus relieves tension in the muscles. It is therefore suitable for bulk muscle groups such as thighs, calves, waist, hips and arms.

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