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Working on a laptop can be uncomfortable for some. Especially if you’re often on the go, over time you may start to reminisce about your big classic office monitor that was much more comfortable for your work.Portable monitors can be the solution , bringing a host of benefits in addition to comfort. A very popular one from the MISURA monitor range is the M16TB, a portable monitor with a 16″ display and built-in battery.

Why buy the M16TB portable monitor?

Portable monitors are a highly mobile and flexible solution for working away from home. You can easily carry them with you anywhere, making them ideal for use not only at home, but also in the office, on the road or anywhere else. In addition, if you choose a MISURA portable monitor with a built-in battery, you lose your dependence on access to a power source. In fact, the M16TB can last up to 4 hours without power thanks to its built-in 8000mAh battery.

The built-in battery has an added benefit. You can simply connect your mobile phone or smartwatch to the monitor and use it as a functional power bank, so you’ll never be offline again. Plus, the monitor weighs just 900 grams, which is less than some of the more powerful power banks on the market.

16″ M16TB Portable LCD  Touch Monitor – with Built-in Battery

16″ M16TB Portable LCD Touch Monitor – with Built-in Battery

Portable LCD monitor – 16″, Full HD, WLED, IPS, 300cd/m2, 1200:1, USB-C, HDMI, Low Blue mode, G+G, HDR. With built-in 8000mAh battery

334.5 €

portable monitor with battery

In terms of display performance, the M16TB offers a great picture with true-to-life colour reproduction thanks to its Full HD display with HDR technology. Plus, your eyes will appreciate the Low Blue Mode feature, which reduces blue light emissions that can be detrimental to your health, especially at bedtime.

In addition,the M16TB ‘sdisplay has a touchscreen, making it even easier to work on the go when you can control your laptop from the MISURA portable monitor alone without using the keyboard. Music playback is handled by built-in speakers with surround sound effect.

When will you use the M16TB monitor?

The MISURA portable touch monitors with built-in battery can be used in many different situations.

When working

Portable monitors with built-in battery can be a great tool for work. You can use them to extend the desktop of your laptop, not only when working in the office, but also when travelling. This can be useful for multitasking, viewing documents or working with multiple applications at once.

misura portable touch monitor
misura přenosný dotykový monitor

For fun

Portable monitors with built-in batteries can also be used for entertainment. You can use them to watch movies or videos, play games or browse the internet at your leisure. The great Full HD display will be matched by the touch screen function and built-in speakers. What’s more, you don’t just need to connect a laptop to the portable monitor, but almost any device (mobile, PlayStation, XBox or Nintendo) to enhance your entertainment experience on the go.

For education

Portable add-on monitors with a built-in battery can also be useful for education. You can use them to watch online lectures, work with multiple sources or write your final papers. Plus, thanks to the built-in battery, you can take the monitor with you to school without fear of not having electricity nearby.

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