Laptop stands – why use them

After a few hours on the computer, we may have a pain in our neck, back or wrist. These problems are usually harmless, but if left untreated they can develop into more serious conditions such as round back, cervical spine blockages, chronic back pain or carpal tunnel problems. Problems are most often caused by an uncomfortable position when working, writing or playing games and lack of exercise.

What solutions are offered? In addition to stretching, the basic principle to prevent the above-mentioned problems is to practise the correct sitting position. We don’t have to sit exactly according to a ruler as we did when we were children at school, but we do need to adapt our working environment so that we can sit comfortably. MISURA ERGO’s modern and designer accessories help us to do this.

laptop stand

Ergonomic environment

We don’t always have an ergonomic environment to follow these rules. Pay attention to the height of the desk and chair. Chairs are nowadays very often made adjustable, but the height of the table should be around 72 cm (+/-15 mm) for an average tall person.

Another important factor affecting correct seating is the height of the monitor, which should be at eye level so that we do not have to tilt or bend our heads when working. Ergonomic stands can help with this common problem.

Laptop stands

Laptop stands are an essential office accessory that fits underneath the monitor, providing space to elevate the screen and improve comfort at work. It may sound trivial, but with a stand, you can see a big difference in the use of your electronic device in the form of a positive impact on your health.

Ergonomic stands are commonly purchased for both home and office use, so you can enjoy their benefits every day. Stands come in many shapes and sizes, you can choose according to the size of your laptop, notebook or tablet and the way you use it. In the MISURA e-shop you will find a wide range of stands with modern design and attractive colours, which you will definitely choose between. What to look for and what are the basic parameters of the stands?

Ergonomic laptop stand ME12

Ergonomic laptop stand ME12

Universal for all types of laptops or tablets. Made of high quality material, adjustable height 87-170 mm. Non-slip surface, stable.

Folding x tabletop

The MISURA range includes both folding and table-top stands. You can also use folding ones if you travel frequently, move your office or work alternately from work and home and need some comfort.

MISURA stands are made exclusively from aircraft aluminium, which is a lightweight yet very strong and durable material with a very long service life. Therefore, they will not be damaged even with frequent carrying and reassembly and disassembly. All MISURA stands also have passive cooling holes to prevent overheating of electronic devices.


When choosing a stand, it is advisable to ask yourself what you will use the stand for. For work, for watching films or during lectures or meetings? Standing speakers will find the ME09, ME10, ME11, ME14 or ME20 models with a swivel base particularly useful. The ME21 looks similar to the ME20 and is also suitable for smaller tablets. The ME11, ME04, ME12 are particularly suitable for carrying. Those who need a tilted keyboard may be interested in models ME01, ME07, ME02. Virtually all models can be used to connect an external keyboard, especially the ME08 or ME15 models are suitable.

MISURA stand for mobile phones and watches ME19-SILVER

MISURA stand for mobile phones and watches ME19-SILVER

Ergonomic stand for mobile phone and watch ME19, width: 80 mm, length: 130 mm, adjustable height: 25-130 mm

MISURA laptop stand  ME21-SILVER

MISURA laptop stand ME21-SILVER

The MISURA ME21-SILVER ergonomic stand for smaller laptops, tablets and mobile phones is made of aluminum and silicone.

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