Maria, primary school teacher, “Taking the temperature has become fun”


I never thought I would use a usb thermometer so often. Previously I would have thought of it as just an interesting gadget that I would try out a few times a year, unfortunately in the last few months it has been my necessary daily work tool. And it’s absolutely great!

After all, I work as a teacher in a smaller elementary school and during the covid, we had to take the temperature of all the students as they entered the building to eliminate potential infection among the children and staff. In the beginning I tested the children with this admittedly non-contact but large thermometer, but it reported an error every now and then and most importantly, measured very inaccurately. My husband couldn’t listen to my lamentations anymore and on the internet he found a miniature non-contact infrared thermometer MISURA, which ONLY connects to the mobile phone and directly MEASURES!!

I’m a technical antitalent, so at first I protested that I wouldn’t be proficient with it and that I didn’t have time at school to intricately hook up and install the thermometer. The big advantage is that it’s really tiny, about 5 cm. It’s non-contact, I just hold the mobile phone with the thermometer a few centimeters (about 8 cm) near the forehead of the measured andwithin a second I can see the result without having to touch the device. In the daily morning rush, I also appreciate the fact that the thermometer beeps when the temperature is high, so I don’t have to examine the result for a long time. So I just point and wait to see if there is a beep or not and I can let the student go to class with a clear conscience. Suddenly a half-hour measuring anabasis has become a five-minute affair at most. And I can see in the kids that they enjoy this measurement, because, let’s face it – kids are interested in everything about mobile phones and tablets :). I’ve gotten so used to regular measurements that I keep a thermometer in my purse at all times, and check my own and my kids’ temperatures more often than we used to in the pre-Covid days, just to be safe

I definitely recommend this clever little helper, it’s useful in any household, we used it on our holiday abroad this year where we also needed to take our temperature. It’s a shame it doesn’t have more features, but given that it’s contactless, it’s actually probably understandable. More colour options would also be nice, I think it’s only sold in white at the moment.