Car vacuum cleaner suction power – what to watch out for?

Looking for a suitable car vacuum cleaner? Then one of the main criteria you should look at when choosing and comparing is the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes users confuse this with the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner, but the value shows how much power the vacuum cleaner uses, not how hard it cleans. The wattage of a vacuum cleaner is given in watts. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is one of the most important criteria when choosing a lux. It is influenced by various factors, but has no single value in which to be indicated on appliance information labels.

Classic large vacuum cleaners have sufficient suction power. However, once you choose handheld portable cordless vacuum cleaners that are compact and lightweight, you need to consider that they have low suction power in comparison. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is influenced by both its wattage and the resistance of the filters. For powerful vacuum cleaners, it ranges from 350 to 475 watts.

1) What is the suction power of a vacuum cleaner

People tend to judge the suction quality by the wattage of the vacuum cleaner – wattage ranges between 1000-2000 Watts. In reality, this value is rather indicative. It indicates how much power the vacuum cleaner motor “consumes”, but it does not give a value for how much suction power it has (how much power it sucks). It depends on how the vacuum cleaner is built and manufactured.

Thesuction power of vacuum cleaners ranges from 160-480 W. Here, the rule of thumb is that the higher the power, the more efficient the vacuuming. The suction power should be indicated for the carpet nozzle, but some manufacturers measure it at the point where the hose enters the vacuum cleaner. In this case, however, the value is inaccurate because the suction power decreases as air passes through the vacuum tube and hose.

It is not possible to measure the suction power in the household during normal use of the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes two similar values are measured, namely the vacuum level reached and the airflow force (measured by sensing the voltage on the fan).

2) Why suction power is important

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is not included in many vacuum cleaner product information brochures. Shops then usually only tell customers about the motor power, called the power input of the appliance, which is not the suction power. The reason why many vacuum cleaner manufacturers do not provide power data is that there is no official technical and scientifically accurate way or input parameters to measure such suction power in vacuum cleaners. It could be calculated at the nozzle, but also at the vacuum cleaner tube, or even at the end of the hose. Officially, however, there are no uniform, objectively and physically comparable parameters for the suction power of vacuum cleaners, which is why different and very difficult to compare values are quoted on the market.

3) Suction power – inconsistent measurement

The suction power value, if indicated on the vacuum cleaner (which is not usually the case), does not automatically guarantee that the vacuum cleaner will provide a good vacuum. A vacuum cleaner with a high suction power value may suck less than another vacuum cleaner with a lower power value.

It is generally stated in vacuum cleaner tests that most conventional vacuum cleaner products have a suction power (value) in the range of about 20 to 35% of the power of that vacuum cleaner, but there are no uniform parameters and comparisons.

Many products do not even have the suction power value of a particular vacuum cleaner measured and stated by the manufacturer. This is because, as mentioned above, there is no official EU definition of the method of measurement, conditions and location of the vacuum cleaner where this suction power value is to be uniformly measured.

As far as the quality of the vacuum cleaner is concerned in relation to suction power, there are vacuum cleaners where the suction power is not so important because, due to its design and construction, it is not even possible to achieve a very high suction power. In fact, the vacuuming efficiency is guaranteed by special brushes.

4) Suction power of the vacuum cleaner on the energy label

Vacuum cleaner information brochures usually only include the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner in the technical descriptions. This value is indicative of the amount of energy consumed, but is not indicative of the specific suction power. Rather, the information on the appliance’s energy label is more important.

In addition to the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuuming efficiency is also indicated . For example, a Class C carpet vacuum has a vacuuming efficiency of up to 86%. For hard floors, class A is the most efficient, and the most powerful vacuum cleaners have it.

5) MISURA vacuum cleaner

The MISURA portable vacuum cleaner can be used in the car and in the home. It is lightweight, easy to carry and portable. Due to its small dimensions and low weight of around 0.3 kg, the MISURA vacuum cleaner has a high suction power, which is complemented by a small brush for perfect cleaning even in hard-to-reach places. Charging is easy via USB cable. It lasts up to 25 minutes depending on the cleaning intensity. Charges to full capacity in about 3 hours. The container has a 0.1 litre capacity, so it is advisable to empty it regularly to maintain high performance and suction power. The MISURA waste bins are designed for this purpose and can be easily hung anywhere. Available in white and black.

Misura vacuum cleaner MA01

MA01 Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

MISURA MA01 foldable silent handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, Li-Ion battery, up to 20 minutes of operation, suction power 5,000Pa, attachment suitable for cleaning in the car.

Misura vacuum cleaner MA01

MA01 Cordless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

MISURA MA01 foldable silent handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, Li-Ion battery, up to 20 minutes of operation, suction power 5,000Pa, attachment suitable for cleaning in the car.


  • Small and compact
  • Easily portable while maintaining power and miniature size
  • Highly hygienic
  • Charges via USB-C
  • Easy suction of 5000 Pa
  • Wireless – no need for a cord
  • High efficiency and suction power
  • Powerful enough to clean your car perfectly
  • Suitable for different types of seats and floors
  • Best value for money
  • Multiple filters
  • Just dump the waste and throw it away
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Handles food and hair
  • Gets into inaccessible places
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