We can fix a broken monitor display cheaper and faster than you expect

Maybe you’ve experienced it too. You’ve dropped your laptop on the floor, accidentally stepped on it, or otherwise carelessly cracked your monitor’s display. When you then wanted to deal with the repair, you learned that it would cost almost the same as buying a new device. So, replacing displays is usually not a small investment, but if you don’t want to get a new computer, you’ll probably have to find a service center to get the repair done. It is definitely not recommended to perform a display replacement at home. You could simply find that your laptop stops working altogether, and you don’t want that.

Types of damage and warranty options

A display failure can manifest itself in many ways. One of them is a defective pixel, which you can tell by the fact that some spots on the screen are more vibrant or completely black. However, dead pixels can be a manufacturing defect that can manifest itself at any stage of the display’s life. The application of the warranty for this defect is specific and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, if you notice this defect, first contact the store where you bought the device and try to claim the goods.

Another common defect is the Line Defect. This is when a horizontal or vertical line appears across your monitor. As in the previous case, this defect may appear after a period of time and the claim must be dealt with in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. This defect is not always covered by the warranty and reimbursement of the repair by the shop is an individual matter. However, you may be entitled to a claim if a “spot” appears on your monitor. This can be either circular (Spot) or irregular (Mura, Stain Mura). The size is usually over 5 mm and the visibility of this on the grey colour is often taken into account in a claim.

If the display is damaged due to a fall or impact on the LCD screen that causes the device to malfunction, this is not damage that would be covered under the computer’s basic warranty. For these cases, the only thing you can do is to take out additional insurance, which also covers breakdowns caused by an accident. However, you need to think about this when you buy your computer and if you don’t have such insurance, you may have to pay the full amount for the repair yourself. Internal cracks are usually caused by too much pressure on the screen. This can be caused by bumping the screen, dropping it, trying to close the laptop when there is an object in the keyboard area, or by grabbing the laptop by the screen.

What to do if your laptop screen is not working?

Check the power lights. If your monitor does not display an image, turn it on and watch the lights on the edge of the monitor. If the lights don’t come on, the power supply (or one of the leads leading to the power supply) is broken, which may be caused by a bad capacitor. You can fix this yourself, but we definitely recommend taking the broken cable to an electronics repair shop, as the problem may be more serious and in that case a professional solution will be needed.

When the lights come on, try shining a flashlight on the monitor. If you see an image when you point the light at the screen, the monitor backlight is faulty and the entire display will need to be replaced. The same is true for various types of cracks, where you get color “spilling” in part or all of the display.

Replacement for MISURA monitors

As we mentioned at the start of this article, repairing a display is not cheap and warranty claims can only be made under certain conditions, but these can vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is also the case with MISURA monitors, where if an accident occurs and the monitor display breaks, it cannot be replaced free of charge. However, by designing our products ourselves, we try to think about all situations in life and to be as helpful as possible if a problem arises. In addition to the fact that MISURA monitors are made of very durable materials, we offer a display replacement at an extremely low price. We provide the display repairs ourselves, so as soon as you contact us, we will immediately suggest a solution. We always want the repair to be completed within a maximum of 14 days and the cost to be far below the cost of a new device. With us, you know that even if something goes wrong, you can rest easy. We’ll talk to you, and at the same time, you’ll be confident that we’ll find the cheapest solution for you. Our goal is for you to use and love our products, not to make your life miserable.

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