Today, we find a large number of devices known as transmitters or streaming devices on the market with the latest electronics, but as consumer tests have shown, most of them cannot transmit a smooth real-time picture. In response to this shortcoming , MISURA has taken up a new challenge and introduced a new streaming device, MCAST, to the Czech market.

Misura transmitter in use

How does MCAST help its users?

The primary goal of every MISURA product is always to maximize consumer convenience and time savings. Every customer who purchases a MISURA product will sooner or later appreciate the ease of use and high efficiency in its daily use.

This is also the case with MCAST. It is a unique device that has managed to solve the problem of many competing devices, which is a delayed and jerky image. In the development of MCAST, emphasis was placed on the efficient transmission of images from two different devices so that there is no time delay during transmission. The manufacturer’s goal was not only to transfer data seamlessly between two different devices, but also to eliminate the need to use connectors that are abundant on the market and not always available to the user (e.g. HDMI, DisplayPort, mini HD, and others).

How did MISURA achieve this?

Theimage using MCAST is transmitted wirelessly. The HDMI wireless transmitter uses millimeter wave technology with ultra-high frequency bandwidth and supports 1080p/60Hz display with zero loss, which is 12 times more than what is offered by the conventional competition that also uses millimeter wave technology. Compared to competitors that use Wi-Fi signals, MISURA devices are highly stable and the transmission speed does not fluctuate at all. There is therefore absolutely no delay in the transmission of images or video and there is no need to compress or decompress the image in any way. As a result, you see the image without delay and in 100% original quality.



Transmitter, streaming device for perfect transmission of uncompressed high-quality video and audio.

292.5 €

With USB-C, Apple lightning and HDMI input ports, MCAST supports most mobile devices and laptops with a USB-C connector. Equally important is the fact that there is no need to install any app, just plug and play, which is currently the most convenient way available for consumers to use. So simply plug the MCAST into your computer (or other device) and then into your TV. The transmitter then instantly pairs and begins mirroring the screen.

MISURA MCAST – Apple Lightning reduction

MISURA MCAST – Apple Lightning reduction

MISURA MCAST – Apple Lightning reducer for connecting Apple devices

Is MCAST compatible with other manufacturers’ devices?

The MISURA transmitter is compatible with 99% of devices on the market. It is designed to pair instantly with any other device and, with the exception of accessories, nothing else needs to be purchased or installed.

Key benefits of the 5M Transmitter and its accessories

The unrivalled benefits include the transmitter’s unquestionably easy installation, as well as the seamless ultra-fast image transmission. In addition, there is no need to purchase any other external accessories, everything needed is already included in the sales package that MISURA is marketing. The package consists of a few basic components, which the user can make do with.

The package includes the basic components of the product RX receiver, TX transmitter and USB-C converter, and then accessories in the form of an RX clip, two pieces of charging cable, HDMI cable and also a user manual. MISURA hasn’t forgotten about Apple users either, offering to buy a lightning converter that will make the MCAST work with Apple products.

Misura transmitter connected to TV
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