Car phone holder. What to watch out for?

A car phone holder is a gadget that many of us can’t imagine travelling without. If you drive for a living or spend a lot of time driving, a car phone holder is invaluable. If you’re considering buying a mount for the first time or looking to upgrade your current one, it’s a good idea to know what to look out for when choosing one. In this article, we have some tips for you.


Not every phone mount is compatible with all types of phones. Some mounts are designed for smaller phones, while others are designed for larger phones. So make sure that your phone fits into the holder before you buy it, or that it is not too small for it.

Locking types

On the market you will find phone holders with different types of locking. On the dashboard, on the windscreen or in the ventilation. So choose the mount that suits your preference and is compatible with your car’s interior.


Above all, the phone mount should hold your device securely in place. Make sure you choose a mount with a stable and firm grip to prevent any damage to your device.


Being able to adjust the mount to suit your distance and angle is key. So choose one that has plenty of articulation and swivel options.

Easy installation and removal

A good phone mount should be easy to install and remove from your car, especially if you change cars frequently or want to remove the mount when you’re not using it.


A good car phone holder should be made primarily of highly durable yet lightweight plastic that can withstand wear and tear. At the same time, it should be equipped with a protective coating to prevent your phone from getting scratched.


A good phone mount should have a power source for your device. Ideally, look for mounts with wireless charging so you don’t waste your attention plugging in a cable while driving. The best mounts have fast wireless charging.

MISURA delivers the perfect solution

The MISURA MA04 car phone holder with QC3 wireless charging combines all the benefits of quality car phone holders.

In terms of compatibility, the MA04 is equipped with automatic phone presence detection and will attach itself to whatever type of phone you have, even folding phones.

The MA04 is also equipped with not only a suction cup for the glass or dashboard, but also a very carefully designed locking bracket to secure the phone holder to your car’s ventilation grille. The locking and removal itself is very easy. The holder fits perfectly into any car interior, thanks to the two colour versions in black and silver.

misura ma04

The MA04 mobile phone holder holds your phone firmly in place, but you can comfortably manipulate and adjust the holder itself to suit you. This is because it features a universal ball, an extendable arm and a screw base.

When it comes to charging, the MA04 is equipped with the most advanced QC3 (Quick Charge) wireless charging technology. It has input voltages of 5 V/2 A, 9 V/2 A and 12 V/2 A. So you’ll have your phone fully charged in minutes. However, it also has a USB-C connector installed for those whose mobile phone does not support wireless charging technology.

The holder is made of highly durable aluminum alloy, anti-slip plastic, ABS and silicone coating to protect your mobile phone.

MA04 – Car phone holder with wireless QC3.0 charging SILVER

MA04 – Car phone holder with wireless QC3.0 charging SILVER

Fully automatic holder for securely attaching your mobile phone in up to three ways, with QC3.0 wireless charging function.

MA04 – Car phone holder with wireless QC3.0 charging BLACK

MA04 – Car phone holder with wireless QC3.0 charging BLACK

Fully automatic holder for securely attaching your mobile phone in up to three ways, with QC3.0 wireless charging function.

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