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We want to achieve as much comfort as possible in our daily lives. We want to do things that we enjoy and feel comfortable at the same time. Everything you do is important to us, which is why our product range is so varied and diverse.

What are the uses of our products?


Every job requires the right system, time, focus and tools. Our product ranges MISURA Monitors and MISURA Ergo make it easy for you. Both ranges have been created mainly thanks to our experiences that have created a need in us:

  • Get more space to work from home during the covid pandemic
  • Solve the issue of how to secure the transfer of heavy computer accessories and their damage over time
  • To support our health through workplace layout and good posture
  • Make our employer or client happy with our increased work efficiency
Podstavce a chytrá zlepšení MISURA Ergo.


Home is home and everyone’s goal is to feel as comfortable as possible here. Our design ranges MISURA Home and MISURA Ergo address in particular how to organise and furnish your home and how to make it more comfortable not only for yourself but also for other family members.

  • Saving money by eliminating careless handling of tablets or mobile phones
  • Creating a full-fledged workplace in your home
  • General health promotion for us and our loved ones


“We only have one health.” For us, that’s no longer a phrase. The MISURA Body product line offers solutions to improve fitness and accelerate recovery for all ages, athletes and non-athletes alike. The MISURA Care product line offers minimalist thermometers so you can carry them with you at all times.

MISURA Body and MISURA Care will help with:

  • Increased performance, quality and professional recovery
  • Product availability, anywhere, anytime
Produkty MISURA Body pro zdraví.
Uspořte svůj cenný čas s produkty MISURA.

Saving time

Time passes faster and faster and the demands for efficiency increase in direct proportion. Our product lines MISURA Monitors and MISURA Body will help you in this eternal battle.

  • Optimise recovery time and spend the time saved where it is needed
  • Give yourself space on your desktop for better work organisation
  • Create conditions for working at home and keep your child entertained


Order makes friends, and that’s true in the family too. When travelling as a family, the MISURA Automotive range will contribute to your well-being, and at home, MISURA Home products will help you keep your mind at ease.

  • I can concentrate on driving and my child is quiet. From the back seat, he watches his favourite story
  • Whether I’m driving a family car or a work car, both are as tidy as I need for a comfortable drive
  • We have a place to eat dinner, my son has started cleaning his laptop
Optimalizujte nejen svůj čas, ale i svou rodinu.

We can solve your daily challenges for you.

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